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Your Home Dashboard

Once you share a few details about your home we'll create a home dashboard that is customized for you.

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Modern Home Management

We take everything you need and put it under one roof. Maintenance, home pros, top rated products, and homeowner guides.

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Prevent Home Damage

We review the most common expensive causes of home damage and what you can do to prevent them.
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All About Air Filters

MERV ratings, replacement frequency, and other things you need to know about HVAC air filters.
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How It Works

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    Set Up Account

    Answer a few questions about your home so we know what you need to maintain.

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    Receive Your Custom Home Dashboard

    We take the information you give us and put it through our proprietary algorithm to create a custom maintenance plan and dashboard for your home.

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    Learn Home Maintenance

    We teach you what you need to know to care for your home with instructional guides for every task.

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    Enjoy Your Home!

    Spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your home. Your home is now in good hands!

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The HomeStow Difference

HomeStow has grown out of a family-run homebuilding business. Since 1968, our family has been building houses and helping buyers turn them into homes. After five decades of construction, thousands of homes built, and dozens of awards won, we thought homeowners everywhere should be able to have a better home ownership experience. We know homes inside and out; we know you can too.

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